5-7 June 2023 Rome, Italy events@ehma.org

EHMA 2023 Annual Conference Winners announced at the closing ceremony

The EHMA 2023 Annual Conference took place on 5-7 June 2023 in Rome, Italy. Under the theme ‘Health management: sustainable solutions for complex systems’, the conference explored innovative solutions to some of the most complex and pressing challenges in managing and leading healthcare systems and services to catalyse progress toward more sustainable and resilient health […]

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EHMA 2023 Abstract book: unveiling the future of health management

We are thrilled to announce the publication of the Abstract Book for the EHMA 2023 Annual Conference. This book serves as a collection of best practices and solutions, offering a selection of research that delves into forthcoming trends in health management. As the preeminent annual meeting of health management, the EHMA Annual Conference has earned […]

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Discover the session hosted by AstraZeneca

Partnership for Health System Sustainability and Resilience: innovation and early intervention among key drivers for strengthening health systems Healthcare systems worldwide are facing numerous challenges, including resource constraints, increasing demands, ageing populations, non-communicable diseases, and the impacts of climate change. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed weaknesses in health systems, highlighting the need to invest […]

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Policy and Regulations – Discover the #EHMA2023 abstract sessions

Policy decisions made at the local, regional, national, and European level have an important impact on health systems, care delivery, and practitioners. A comprehensive understanding of the policy landscape and mechanisms can facilitate the adoption of innovative solutions to improve health outcomes. This requires a focus on the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of policies […]

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Finance and Economics – Discover the #EHMA2023 abstract sessions

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vulnerability of the financial structures supporting our health systems and the challenges we face in making these structures more resilient. We concurrently need to optimise spending, invest in innovation and digital transition, improve our tracking of medical stocks to prevent shortages and develop new models for decision-making. This year […]

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Discover the session on welfare models and health promotion solutions

The session ‘Integrating public and corporate welfare for healthcare: the case of Eni’ will discuss business efforts to integrate health services with the national public system to provide better healthcare for employees and the general public. The post-COVID period has brought about a significant change in healthcare systems, and this has forced businesses to reconsider […]

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Human capital, professionalism and people’s management – Discover the #EHMA2023 abstract sessions

Health systems rely on their workforce. An optimal staff planning, stimulating remunerations and incentives, and appropriate competence building are crucial to staff wellbeing and organisations’ functioning. However, countries are experiencing difficulties with health workforce education, employment, mobility, and retention. Long working hours, high level of stress, inadequate moral and financial recognition to the education level […]

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Management, Operations and Practice – Discover the #EHMA2023 scientific dialogues

This year, we are excited to introduce a new category of sessions, called ‘Scientific Dialogues’. These dialogues will provide an opportunity for participants to engage in meaningful discussions with experienced professionals in the field of health management. These sessions will foster a collaborative environment where attendees can share their experiences, ask questions, learn from international […]

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Management, Operations and Practice – Discover the #EHMA2023 abstract sessions

The COVID-19 pandemic caught health systems and organisations unprepared and underscored the necessity for health managers and administrators to cope with the unknown. To prepare for future threats but also to function effectively, efficiently and sustainably on a daily basis, health organisations require a clear strategy, excellent organisation, and scalable management models. This year we […]

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